About Us

Mt. Carmel Evangelical Lutheran Church is proud to present Caramel Fest.

MtCarmelExteriorLocated in northeast Minneapolis, Mt. Carmel is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We have been serving the northeast community since 1926. Our mission is simple: Learn, Live and Share God’s word. Visitors are always welcome.

With Caramel Fest, we hope to bring together the local Northeast Minneapolis community for a day of food, fun and music. Centered, of course, around caramel.

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History of Caramel Fest

When several members of Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church in Northeast Minneapolis heard about the work of The Sheridan Story, they realized there was a need to feed the children in our own backyard at Waite Park School.

As a congregation, we participate in the work of The Sheridan Story in several ways:

  • We raise funds specifically for our commitment to Waite park ($130 a year per child.
  • We are planning to support close to 100 students in the fall, with the help of another Northeast Lutheran church congregation, Gustavus Aldophus. We coordinate volunteers to deliver the food bags to each child every Friday directly to each students’ backpack.

In the 2013-14 school year, Mt. Carmel served kindergarten and first grade students. We will offer food support to every child at Waite Park for the 2014-15 school year.

All proceeds from Caramel Fest go directly to The Sheridan Story to continue their ministry in the Twin Cities. None of it will go to the church or to cover our commitment for this coming year.

Making sure our students are fed matters. Everyone can understand hunger, and everyone agrees that when you’re hungry you don’t learn or listen well.

Caramel Fest is for a way for Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church to sponsor a community event while supporting a wonderful cause.